Using Graphics in Education – Infographic

In the Digital Age, we’re constantly receiving information in multiple forms – and the same is true for the educational space. As such, it’s vital to understand how the use of media, such as visuals, impacts the learning process. Well-designed educational graphics can increase engagement, foster understanding, and improve the learning experience. This infographic contains […]

Matching Moodle affordances with different knowledge types

The field of eLearning undeniably offers a wide range of affordances – i.e. options that are made available to eLearning practitioners. When used effectively, these resources provide great value in ensuring that learning objectives are achieved successfully. One approach to optimising the online learning experience is to ensure that specific knowledge types are aligned with […]

Education in isolation: Five tips for moving your courses online

Educators across the globe are currently facing extraordinary circumstances in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, self-isolation and lockdowns have become the ‘new normal’. Consequently, many educators have needed to move their content online – and quickly. For those who normally teach in a brick-and-mortar setting, this may be especially challenging. However, with […]

Five benefits of using eLearning for onboarding

Onboarding or induction programmes are standard practice for ensuring that new hires can perform their jobs effectively. Even when a new hire has years of experience within a field, they still need to engage in an induction process to learn the particularities of their new role, as well as those of the company. Traditionally, this […]

Constructivist learning theory and eLearning

Despite the growing popularity of eLearning, there are still many who question whether it can truly facilitate the actual learning process. To ensure that eLearning resources promote active learning, educators are turning to well-established theoretical frameworks to evaluate their relevance to the online learning environment. Constructivist learning theory is key among these. Specifically, it offers […]

Emotional design in eLearning

When it comes to pedagogical theory, the relationship between emotion and learning is often neglected – or, at the very least, underestimated. However, with an increasing shift toward using eLearning resources in education, it may be useful to revisit this relationship and, in particular, to consider the role of emotions in the eLearning context. For […]

Five UX design principles to consider in eLearning

User experience design, or UX design, is a key concept for businesses wishing to ensure that their products are accessible and usable. The field of UX design aims to achieve positive user experiences by implementing certain guiding principles. These include an interest in user research, design and product use. However, it can be challenging to […]



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