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eDGE CourseBooks™

The ultimate expression
of the modern-day
learning experience

The ultimate expression of the modern-day learning experience

Interaction and engagement are essential to the digital learning experience, therefore all our CourseBooks™ include interactive digital activities, self-assessment quizzes, case studies, examples, exercises and solutions, along with captivating videos and powered with a social learning tool called the Community Space.

eDGE CourseBooks™

engaging Features


Designed to deliver – an online learning experience that is coherent and captivating, each CourseBook™ is packed with features that promote engagement


Provides learners with relatable content and case studies to increase information retention.


Enables learners to chat to one another, individually or in a group, and with the educator about the content, which encourages social learning.


Videos, quizzes and digital activities, combined with text-based content, to engage learners.


Enables learners to navigate the CourseBook™ with ease.


Enable learners to make summaries and annotations, highlight text, and search specific words or phrases.


Easily access reports on learner engagement, activity, interaction and socialisation, which can be used to better guide learners and, in this way, increase their chances of success.

Each digital CourseBook™ is also available in print format. For more information about the subject
areas that we cover, you can view our Higher Education Courseware Catalogue. Should you not find a title that suits your needs, see our Custom Content Solutions.

eDGE CourseBooks™

meet your
particular needs

Thoughtfully designed and curated content remains pivotal to the provision of quality learning in all modes of instruction. The alignment of the intended learning outcomes of a programme with the teaching, learning and assessment practices of the programme is framed by the courseware and is given expression in the programme design.

We approach the development of courseware with the fullest appreciation of the complex interaction between learning outcomes, courseware, teaching, learning, assessment and graduateness. The quality of learning provision supports the academic and financial goals and aspirations of students and providers alike

To this end, we offer a series of higher education programme design exemplars (PDEs) that include relevant sections of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) document design, as well as a set of module outlines for each PDE, which in turn are aligned (constructively) with a complete set of Digital CourseBooks™. Furthermore, the PDEs present the opportunity for seamless alignment with suitable exit-level outcomes and associated criteria, with the aim of rendering a programme design that is fit for purpose in relation to your institution’s academic project.

eDGE CourseBooks™

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