Academic Edtech Services

Do you want to digitise your content? Talk to us to design, develop and deliver custom content solutions.

Through our expertise in learning design +  instructional design +  technology + academic production, we collaborate with you to create interactive digital content that engages the modern learner, from the creation of digital activities to the development of curricula that are fit for purpose. 

Ultimately, your goal is your learners’ success, and we help you to achieve this through the creation of educational experiences that are engaging. As evidence suggests, engagement with content is the route to learners’ success.

We can modify existing CourseBooks™, create or co-create content from scratch, and deliver it either in the form of our CourseBook™ or directly in your existing learning management system. 

What we do for you:

Analyse your needs.
Conceptualise an academically sound solution to meet your needs.
Author or co-author and instructionally design all of your content.
Build digital assets that are fit for purpose and based on learning design best practices.
Methodically conduct reviews and quality checks after each step in the process, and conclude with a final quality assurance check.
Deliver a custom CourseBook™, or capture all content and assets directly in your existing learning management system.
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