‘We’re engaged!’ means so much more when coming from a Gen Z

Written by EDGE Education
Mar 15, 2021

When it comes to Gen Zs, one thing is for sure: they live in a time and in a world where engagement is everything. So, how can educators achieve a high-engagement learning experience – and ultimately, learning culture – that meets the needs of Gen Z students?

This is the question that EDGE CEO, Dr Andrew Hibling, tackles in light of his own engagement with Gen Z learners. Read his latest Journal entry for fresh insight into the young minds that are shaping our future. 

So, what is at the heart of effective 21st-century engagement? And what can educational institutions do to tap into this challenging (yet often elusive) concept? Well, we recommend reading Dr Hibling’s Journal entry for a detailed breakdown – but if we were to sum it up in one, all-encompassing word: community

It isn’t a coincidence that community forms the foundation of EDGE’s approach to learning design, which is informed by the Community of Inquiry (COI) framework. This framework places collaboration and inquiry at the forefront of the learning experience, allowing both educators and learners to achieve optimal engagement. 

As Dr Hibling has pinpointed, these elements will need to take centre stage in our 21st-century learning design. And, if we are to meet Gen Zs where they’re at – that is, in an increasingly interconnected digital world – then we need to be teaching them there, too. And we are.

Learn More_ about Dr Hibling’s insights here. For more on the topic of Designing the Future of Learning, visit the EDGE Journal.  

EDGE Education is a holistic EdTech company focused on building quality courseware for the 21st-century learner. Our EDGE Learning Ecosystem is designed to drive student success through high-level engagement by means of our interactive, multimedia-rich Digital CourseBooks. 


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