The science behind great eLearning videos

When it comes to eLearning courses, video is undeniably one of the most popular mediums of instruction. It is a valuable tool for creating a diverse range of content, compiling micro lessons, and illustrating knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Recent advances in technology, software and applications have provided video designers with endless avenues […]

How to use ‘content chunking’ to prevent cognitive overload in online learning

Scrolling through endless reams of on-screen text will turn even the strongest mind to mush. This is what is commonly referred to as ‘cognitive overload’, which results in loss of engagement, lower levels of comprehension, and decreased motivation. However, all of this can be avoided by making use of ‘content chunking’. What is cognitive overload? […]

Using change management to successfully transition to elearning

Resistance to change is a well-known phenomenon. Often, making the change from traditional learning to e-learning can be met with such resistance – from both instructors and students. However, by following a few simple but powerful strategies, it is possible to make this transition more effectively, and to experience the benefits of e-learning more rapidly. […]

Five ways to design elearning materials for millennials

The millennial* generation is shaping the world around us – breaking the moulds that have traditionally determined how one works, socialises and learns. But what exactly is a millennial? How do they compare to previous generations? And how should you be designing your e-learning course to suit the needs of a millennial learner? Characteristics of […]

Essential Tips to Create Just-in-Time Online Training Material

Just-in-time learning behaviour has transformed how corporate entities are training their staff. This has created a need to modify training material, specifically for the purpose of just-in-time training. This approach can cut unnecessary costs, save valuable working hours, and improve the effectiveness of the training overall. Here are five tips for creating just-in-time training material:

5 Tips for Effective eLearning Videos

  Video lectures and tutorials have gained popularity over the last decade, and most online courses will use a form of video instruction. Since videos are a vital tool in a course creator’s arsenal, it is essential to consider every design aspect. Poorly designed videos can decrease engagement and hinder learning. Here are five tips […]

Gamification: The what, the why and the how

The term ‘gamification’ has gained increasing popularity over recent years, and seems to be popping up everywhere. It appears to be the latest trend in corporate training and e-learning courses, with Fortune 500 companies such as Nike applying its novel approach to learning design. But what does gamification entail, and how is this model applied? […]

Five ways to implement Gamification in online courses

The term ‘gamification’ refers to the inclusion of game-based elements into a specifically non-game context. It is the latest trend in corporate training and eLearning courses, due to its numerous benefits.  Here are 5 simple design tips to implement gamification in an online course:

The role of motivation in online corporate training

Participant motivation is the keystone of any online course. Without it, even the best training efforts will be for naught. If participants are not motivated to learn then they will not engage with the content or persevere with their studies. To put it simply: if you cannot find a way to motivate employees, they won’t […]

Digitisation: Meeting the eLearning needs of the new generation

Digital, digital, digital. Everything we do these days tends to take place on a digital or online platform. This has led to an increasing number of publishers digitising textbooks, to meet the needs of the modern learner. But are we digitising content in the right way? Both the production and sales of electronic textbooks are […]

Predictions for education and elearning in 2018

The year 2017 has been a great success for the e-learning industry. Looking back, we have seen advances in trends like gamification, blended learning, the rise of Experience API (xAPI), and numerous other developments. Being on the verge of 2018, one can only guess what the next year will have in store for the e-learning […]



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