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A three-layer multifactor authentication (MFA) proctoring tool that you can trust

Local Relevance

Typing pattern monitoring

Verifies the unique typing pattern of each student using TypingDNA’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This process is based on advanced biometric keystroke dynamics and can be customised for each individual user.

Interactive Tools

Browser activity log

Monitors whether students have accessed additional resources during the exam.

Engaging Learning Experience

Webcam snapshots

These are taken at the same time as the typing verification inputs, as well as at various intervals throughout the duration of the exam.

How it works

When a student registers for an online exam, they will be asked to log in to the assessment platform with their unique username and password. Once they have entered the platform, they will be asked to type a short declaration passage. The embedded software records each student’s unique typing pattern to build the user’s profile.

Frictionless verification

During the exam, the student will be required to retype the declaration passage at random times (at least twice). A matching score between the new typing pattern and the previous samples is released and recorded in real-time. Multiple authentications not only provide continuous authentication but also maintain exam integrity.

Overview of the features

  • No additional hardware or software needed integrates into any learning management system (LMS), is Windows and iOS compatible, and works with any keyboard
  • Very easy to use 
  • Cost-effective
  • Low on data consumption
  • Online monitoring and feedback – a report is generated for each student, showing results for verification and monitoring procedures


Low on data consumption

Online monitoring and feedback

No additional hardware or software

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