EDGE CourseBooks®

Our flagship product is the EDGE Digital CourseBook – a fusion of the traditional textbook and the online course.  

Our Digital CourseBooks include all the traditional textbook features – such as exercises, activities and solutions – integrated with multimedia elements like videos, PDFs, library resources, open educational resources (OERs), and HTML 5 eLearning activities and quizzes. The Digital CourseBook is delivered through the EDGE Learning Ecosystem (ELE).

EDGE Digital CourseBooks are our expression of the 21st-century learning experience. A Digital CourseBook is not an eBook: it is not simply paper behind glass – it is interactive.

Students can easily navigate through the different pages of the book, and access the multimedia elements through video and interaction playlists. They can do almost anything they can do in a printed book – they can highlight, summarise, search, and take notes.

Our other products_

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